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Elementary Report Cards

Teachers use consistent standards to guide their instruction. These standards describe the knowledge or skills that all students should learn and be able to demonstrate at the end of each grade level. San José Unified uses a standards-based report card to communicate a student’s academic progress, areas of strength and growth, and demonstration of social-emotional skills.

Students in grades TK-5 receive a standards-based report card three times per year and students only receive marks for standards that have been taught. Keep in mind that report cards provide a snapshot of a student’s proficiency based on end of year expectations. Rather than traditional letter grades, students receive a mark that indicates how well they have mastered the required standards.



Transitional Kindergarten 

  • O (Observed) 
  • D (Developing) 
  • NY (Skill Not Yet Observed) 

Grades K-3 

  • 1 (Below Grade Level Standard)
  • 2 (Approaching Grade Level Standard)
  • 3 (At or Exceeds Grade Level Standard) 

Grades 4-5 

  • 1 (Below Grade Level Standard)  
  • 2 (Approaching Grade Level Standard) 
  • 3 (At Grade Level Standard)
  • 4 (Exceeds Grade Level Standard)